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Paul van Dyk

Real Name: Matthias Paul


DJ since 1991, working in the german club Dubmission (Berlin). In 1999, the readers of the english magazine "DJ" voted Paul as the "Best Music Maker". Then, at the 1999 Music Awards in London, he received the "Best international DJ award". The "Ministry of Sound" Magazine elected him as the "Best international DJ", and his regular 6 hour set at "Gatecrasher" was voted as the "second best club night ever" by the readers of the English magazine "Muzic".
His hit singles "Another Way", "Tell Me Why (The Riddle)" and "We Are Alive" spent several weeks at number 1 on the German Dance charts, and also reached number 7 on the UK sales charts. He continuously moved-up in "DJ Magazine’s" annual list of the "Top 100 DJ´s worldwide" where he was voted as number 1 DJ of the world in 2005; then in September 1999, "Mixmag" Magazine elected him as "Man of the year" and "Muzik Magazine" named him as "Leader of the Trance Nation".
He is married to
Natascha Van Dyk, who also appears on some of his releases.



In Groups: Dolfin', Visions Of Shiva, The

Name Variations:

All | Paul van Dyk | DJ Paul van Dyk | P. V. Dyk | P. Van Dyck | P. van Dyk | P.Van Dyk | P.vanDyk | Paul van Dijk | Paul Van Dik | Paul van Djk | Paul van Dyke | PVD | Van Dyk


Music Review : Paul van Dyk - Hands On In Between

Written by David R Perry
Published November 30, 2008

In Between
was, overall, a bit of relief after Paul van Dyk's previous artist album, Reflections. It returned not only to the feel of a mixed-album journey, but also to songs and styles that more suit Paul's own style. Reflections found him reaching too much for turns at pop radio, many of which just fell disappointingly flat.

And although In Between had its share of radio reaches that didn't soar quite as high as other tracks, it was much more focused, and with an overall higher level of quality. It sounded like Paul van Dyk. All that is to say that In Between is fairly good source material.

Which brings us to Hands On In Between, which falls into that ubiquitous post-album remix project. Is it another brazen cash-in, a holdover until another proper artist or DJ release? Yes. Yes it is.

But that doesn't mean that it can't also be enjoyable, which for the most part it very much is. Mining some of the talent from the trance community, it's an extended take on the original, amping the four-on-the-floor up to required club levels.

Disc 1 starts off with a stormer of a track, Paul's own remix of "Talk In Grey." Probably the highlight of the set, this ramps up the energy to peak-time levels while still retaining the song structure of the original with solid vocals. It's also the shortest on the set, functioning almost as a single with its efficient energy. Trance mainstay Alex M.O.R.P.H. follows with his remix for "In Circles," and takes it on a driving, yet still ethereal journey. Overall a very solid remix. The John O'Bir mix of "Castaway" is a bit typical trance, but supports a nice track. It's pleasantly forgettable.

The Super8 & Tab remix of "New York City" is the stronger of the two NYC mixes and delivers a darker, but excellent club track for this song. Kyau & Albert work their magic on "Complicated," giving it an enticingly moody club texture, and show why they continue to be in-demand trance remixers. Jon Rundell's mix of "Detournement" actually slows things down a minuscule amount, and although it's a nice enough mix, it doesn't particularly add anything to the track. Disc 1 closes with Mateo Murphy's remix of "Far Away", and is the one that breaks the mold a bit with this release. It's an amped up thumper somewhere between trance and gritty prog-house, and whatever it lacks in direction it makes up for with energy.

Disc 2 begins with a very convincing attempt at an actual Paul van Dyk remix. Giuseppe Ottaviani's mix of "Get Back" is very classic trance. Obviously indebted to others, but a strong and excellent mix. Martin Accorsi's remix of "White Lies" is... someone spilled their house music on my trance track. Enough said. Fortunately, as a chaser, "Haunted" is treated to a very spacey, trippy turn by Tyler Michaud that offers an interesting new twist from the original.

Tom Calontonio gives "Complicated" the proper treatment, with another classic-style mix for this set. Although a bit by-the-books, his mix is nonetheless done absolutely correct, and with energetic precision. Ottaviani quickly returns with his Reminder remix of "Far Away," and shows more classic PvD-style flair. The Re:locate mix of "Get Back" falls a bit short in light of the previous remix of this track, but is overall competently done. Things close out nicely enough with the Reaves & Ahorn take on "Detournement." Again, the mix doesn't particularly add much to the track, but neither does it bother.

The strength of the set may also be its greatest weakness for some. The energy level, as well as the style, stays consistent throughout. This is aggressive, pounding trance to end a night out. However, there's also little variety to be found. The remixes are all solid on their own, but some tend to bleed into each other when played back to back. Also, it would have been more interesting to go ahead and remix everything from In Between instead of having multiple remixes of some tracks. For example, although both remixes of "New York City" are good, it would have added to the value of the package to instead have, say, a huge mix of "Another Sunday."

Overall, these are largely quality mixes. Some add to the energy of the originals, while others merely extend and augment it. But fans of Paul's DJ sets will find these unmixed entries to be in much the same vein.




01 Paul van Dyk f. Ryan Merchant - Talk in Grey (PvD Remix)
02 PVD & Alex M.O.R.P.H - In Circles (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)
03 PvD & Starkillers&A.Leeds f. A.Tomberlin - New York City

     (Greg Downey Remix)
04 Paul van Dyk F. LO-Fi Sugar - Castaway (Jon O Bir Remix)
05 PvD & Starkillers &A.Leeds f. A.Tomberlin - New York City

     (Super8 & Tab Remix)
06 Paul van Dyk f. A.Tomberlin - Complicated (Kyau vs. Albert Remix)
07 Paul van Dyk - Detournament (Jon Rundell Remix)
08 Paul van Dyk & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Far Away

     (Mateo Murphy Remix)



01 Paul van Dyk &A. M.O.R.P.H. f. A. Tomberlin - Get Back

     (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
02 Paul van Dyk f. Jessica Sutter - White Lies  (Martin Accorsi Remix)
03 Paul van Dyk f. Lo-Fi Sugar - Haunted (Tyler Michaud Remix)
04 Paul van Dyk f. Ashley Tomberlin - Complicated

     (Tom Colontonio Remix)
05 Paul van Dyk & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Far Away  (Reminder Remix)
06 Paul van Dyk&A. M.O.R.P.H. f. A. Tomberlin - Get Back

     (Re:locate Remix)
07 Paul van Dyk - Detournament (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) 



   LieBe's BlahBlah

어제의 충격이 다 가시지 않은 가운데 잠이 분명히 모자란 컨디션임에도 불구하고 잠을 청할수가 없더군요.
계속 뒤척이다가 짜증이 나서 음악이나 잠깐 들으려다가 갑자기 폴반닥 횽님의 새 음반이 생각나서 들어보았습니다.
사실 The Other Side 앨범 이후로 팝에 맛들이셨는지 본업인 트랜스는 제쳐두고 프로그와 테키로 쭉 흘러가시던 왕년의 형님을 생각하면 눈물이 앞을 가리지만 그래도 이번에 나름 대대적인 홍보도 하시고 다시 에너제틱하게 움직이시려는 모습을 보이시니 감개가 무량합니다....lol
사실 이번 앨범은 신보는 아닙니다.  작년에 In Between 앨범이 나왔고 이번 앨범은 그의 업그레이드판이라고 해야 할까요? 
바로 전의 White Lie 와 Let go 가 그다지 인기를 못끌었는지 바로 이런 묘한 컨셉의...게다가 오리지널리티가 조금 희박한 컨셉의 앨범은 조금 아쉽지만 그 앨범의 퀄리티가 나름 대단하여 이렇게 소개까지 하는군요.

폴 반 다이크는 뭐 일렉트로니카나 트랜스에 조금이라도 관심이 있는 사람이라면 누구나 다 알 그런 사람이죠.
트랜스의 중흥기를 지배했던 세 거성 - 티에스토, 페리 코스틴, 폴 반 다익 - 중 티에스토와 자웅을 겨루던 그런 레벨의 뮤지션이자 그 분야를 잘 몰라도 한국의 방송에서도 심심찮게 나오는 For An Angel 의 주인공입니다.
- 티에스토와 폴 반 다익은 정말 누가 더 대단했냐를 논하기 힘들 정도로 팬층이 갈리고 음악과 믹스의 성향도 비슷한듯 하면서도 완전 딴판인 관계로 호불호도 상당히 갈리기도 합니다. 
그 사이에서 그닥 치고 올라오는 힘이 부족한 페리는 지못미,  그리고 노인네들이 버벅일때 이 판을 평정해버린 아민~

뭐 폴반닥 횽님에 대해 말하자면 하루 이틀 가지곤 시간이 부족할 정도고 많이들 아시리라 여깁니다.
앨범 얘기를 하자면 간단히 폴반닥 횽님의 마이스페이스 글을 인용하면 끝나겠네요.

Paul van Dyk joins such artists as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails by allowing his fans to put their remix skills to work. Following the incredible response to his fifth artist album In Between, Mute Records will release Hands On In Between, a double disc package of exclusive remixes from well known artists like Alex M.O.R.P.H., Greg Downey, Jon O..Bir, including two winners of an international talent search for up-and-coming producers sponsored by Beatport.
뭐 간단하게 얘기해서 이래저래 리믹스 킹왕짱 많이 넣었슴.
게다가 비트포트에서 지원하는 경연 대회 우승자도 두명이나 참가했슴...ㄳ

앨범을 간략하게 들어본 소감은 초기 폴 반 다익의 사람을 완전히 넋나가게 달리게 하면서도 예리하게 리스너를 파고드는 그런 감성은 그다지 찿아볼수 없습니다.
이건 뭐 앨범의 문제라기 보다는 폴반 다익이 요즘 그런 모양새라 어쩔 수 없는 것인데 트랜스나 프로그레시브에 관심이 많은 사람들이라면 좀 실망할지도 모르지만 - 요즘 프로그레시브를 좋아하시는 분들에겐 어필할 가능성이 매우 높음 - 폴 반 다익 특유의 서정적인 감성은 아직 살아있습니다.
이것이 바로 폴반 다익을 다른 뮤지션들과 구분 짓는 - 업리프팅 이미지의 폴반다익이 아민보단 티에스토와 비교가 많이 되는 이유기도 합니다.
뭐 요즘 폴반 다익은 업 리프팅은 찿아볼래야 코빼기도 안뵈고 그렇다고 프로그레시브 감성이라고 하기도 뭐하고 매니아들끼리 하는 말인 뽕삘이 흐르는 정도이지만 말입니다.
뭐 뽕삘이 흐르면 그래도 적어도 판이 많이 팔리고 대중적인거 아니겠습니까....lol

조금 험담이 많아지긴 했지만 그래도 폴반닥 횽님의 이름값은 합니다.
게다가 초심자들에게는 확실히~ 어필할 부분이 상당히 많습니다.
한번 감상해보시기 바랍니다.

- 그리고보니 폴 반 다익에 대한 포스팅은 처음인듯?  페리 얘기도 한번도 안한듯... 티에스토와 아민 얘기만...OTL

형님 이제 나이가 보이십니다...이렇게 알흠다운 부인이 서러우시면 우쩔려고....lol


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    PVD의 신보아닌 신보가 나왔군요.
    요즘의 팔로윙은 리베님이나 씸쑨님덕에 한다는 ㅎㅎ

    노인네들이 버벅일때 이 판을 평정해버린 아민~ 에서 뿜었습니다. ㅎㅎㅎ

    나중에 페리도 정리한번 해주세요. 새 엘범도 나왔는데 ㅋ

    -페리 빠돌이로 부터

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    • Favicon of http://liebe.tistory.com BlogIcon LieBe 2008.12.09 15:00 신고

      씸쑨옹의 내공을 제가 어찌 따라가겠습니까?
      그저 씸쑨옹이 업리프팅이나 이런 팝도란스에 관심을 안가져주시길 바랄 뿐이져...lol

      요즘의 테크삘과 뽕삘의 범람에 적응을 거의 못하고 있습니다.
      절대 나이가 먹어가서 그러는게 아니라 진짜로 옛날이 좋았는데...하는 생각만 납니다..OTL

      페리는 이넘!!....잇츠 타임 이후로 완전히 기대를 접어서리...신보가 나왔나봐요?
      한번 들어봐야겠습니다.
      소식 감사합니다~ ^^

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